Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Grain Free Paleo Baguette - Gluten free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Nut free option

Well, it appears my baguette recipe has become popular enough that I have been receiving comments about it's absence. 
I Have been soo busy and on vacation, and I am finally here. 
I have good news, I tracked down my recipe and I am going to re post it here. I Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer. 

So here is my original post and photos. 

It's been over a 1.5 years now since we have been Grain free and Primal (Primal being, legume, grain, corn, gluten and sugar free). Most of the time we have been used to not eating anything as delicious and comforting as bread, so it’s a real treat! We eat bread (always grain free) on special occasion, camping, and just when I can`t possibly go another day without it.
I have been trying to make a French bread style loaf that I could take with me to a gathering, all warm, hot form the oven and wrapped in parchment paper. This is exactly what I needed. It’s light on the inside, firm on the outside. How the heck do you make a grain free bread that is light and not like a brick?
Of course it’s not the idea of making bread that is the trouble it’s the idea of making grain free bread that is firm enough in batter form to hold its shape as a loaf without falling as it bakes, but soft moist and delicate in the middle . If you have worked with Grain free or Gluten free batters you know what I mean.  
I have made this recipe twice two different ways. First time I used raw cashews and ground them myself. This worked well, but the bread was more crumbly compared to when I used the cashew butter. You can use either or. I will provide recipe adjustments for whatever one you use as some people have a hard time finding cashew butter.
You can substitute any nut or seed butter really (except coconut butter) but my favorite is cashew. It’s light, buttery, no distinct flavor and it looks like real bread. Look for an organic Cashew butter with only 2 ingredients, no salt or sugar added.  
I chose to use my favorite ingredient Whey Powder, versus beating my egg whites for a bubbly center. It worked excellent; it rose nearly double in the oven and came out soft and bubbly on the inside. If you choose to substitute coconut flour instead, you may want to beat your egg whites to help with a rise in the oven. When I used coconut flour, I found the bread to be denser and cake like. I prefer my bread to be light so I prefer using the Whey powder. Not only does it make it lighter, it cuts out a step of beating and folding in egg whites.
Always use an unflavored, sugar free, no artificial colors or flavors Whey Powder. Read the ingredients to be sure.
I used a food processor to make my life easier with the batter as I just hate whisking nut butter by hand. It’s so sticky I never feel like I have done a good enough job. You can use a hand or a stand mixer instead of a food processor. Especially if your processor doesn’t have a very big bowl you will find your processor to tire out trying to mix the batter together. 

Grain Free “French” Bread – Gluten Free, Dairy Free*, Primal

The batter will double in size in the oven and flatten a bit if the batter is not pressed small enough before baking. You could split the dough into 2 instead of one large.

If a small round baguette is important to you then try freezing your dough on the baking tray once shaped for 10-15 minutes until the outside of the batter is firm. 

I baked my bread in my pizza oven as I wanted a crisp outer shell. You may have to experiment with yours if you are not able to use a pizza oven.

This recipe makes one large French bread or 2 small baguettes by dividing the batter in 2. 

**For a nut free version substitute sun flour for the almond flour and Sunbutter,  or pumpkin seed butter for the cashew butter. 

In a mixing bowl whisk together:
1/3 C Unflavored Whey Powder (sugar free, natural flavors only)
¼ C Almond Flour (not ground almonds)
2 tbs Ground Flax meal
1 tsp aluminum free Baking Soda
1 tsp Natural Sea Salt

**Substitute in Tapioca or Arrowroot starch for the Whey powder increase Milk to ½ C. If you remove the whey powder, you may also prefer to beat your egg whites and add them in separately just before baking to help with the rise** 

In a standing Mixer or Food Processor Bowl:
Wet ingredients:
1 ½ C Organic Cashew Butter (no salt or sugar added)
3 Organic Large Eggs
1 tbs Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
¼ C plus 2 tbs Dairy or Coconut milk
1 tbs Raw Agave Nectar, Honey, or Pure Maple Syrup

**Substitute in Raw Cashes for the nut butter 2C raw cashews plus ¼ C melted butter, or coconut oil. Puree, scrape down sides and puree until smooth and thick**

Mix the wet ingredients until a smooth batter is formed. Slowly add in the dry ingredients parts at a time until the batter becomes very thick and well combined. 

Your batter should be very sticky and thick (hard to stir) this is the goal otherwise when placing the batter on the pan you will end up with a pancake instead of a loaf.
Prepare your pan. I used a flat baking pan with no edges to make a long loaf. If you don’t have a flat pan simply make the loaf as large as your pan will allow. You may choose to divide the batter into 2 and make 2 small French Bread similar to a baguette.
Oil the pan lightly, and place unbleached parchment paper on top. This will help stop the paper from moving while you are forming your loaf. Scoop the batter out with a spatula in a long line to the size of loaf you are wanting.

Place a long strip of plastic wrap or another piece of parchment paper on top of the batter and use your hands to smooth it out and form a loaf. Try to keep the loaf uniform as you want it to cook evenly. Smooth out the top and move the edges in. The thinner and higher you get the batter now will help your batter from spreading out too much as it cooks.

Now the fun part!! Shape the dough under the plastic wrap with your hand. smooth it out as mush as possible. Bubbles will turn into cracks while baking.
The dough will double if not triple in size as it bakes so keep it as compact as you can.
Remove the plastic carefully.
Sprinkle your dough with toppings like oats, or sesame.

Now your dough is ready for the oven. Place in the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Rotate the dough 90 degrees halfway through cooking to help it brown evenly. 

You should end up with a delicious hot baguette, soft in the center with a brown crust on the outside.

Let the bread cool for 10 minutes before cutting so it doesn't cave in or crumble.

I have brought this to many parties with a fabulous spinach dip. It's delicious with butter or toasted. yum.


  1. Isn't whey dairy?

    1. Yes it is, Please refer to the recipe substitution with no whey powder as indicated above.

      **Substitute in Tapioca or Arrowroot starch for the Whey powder increase Milk to ½ C. If you remove the whey powder, you may also prefer to beat your egg whites and add them in separately just before baking to help with the rise**