Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coconut Cream Frosting - Sugar Free

I made these delectable cupcakes for my Hubby for Valentines day. I made chocolate and red velvet chocolate cake Grain Free of course. I used the recipes from one of my most favorite recipe books. You can find the author's blog at
Only last time I made them I made a classic butter cream icing recipe using a sugar free icing sugar substitute.
Everybody loved them including me, however I could not help notice a chemical taste left over from the sucralose based powder substitute. 
SOOOO this time I thought I would step out of the box and try to make a lighter version with hardly and sugar and no starches. I will say when I started I thought it was impossible as every recipe I had using coconut cream in a frosting used a thickener of some sorts.
I do my best to avoid starches. You would not believe this frosting is made completely, sugar, lactose and grain free. No starches of any kind. 
Also, on top of my gorgeous cupcakes is sugar free sprinkles. Which I MADE all by myself.
They are colored with India Tree Natural vegetable dyes. No chemicals or artificial dyes here. Nothing but organic goodness.

It does taste slightly coconutty so if you don't like coconut you will most likely not enjoy it. However, we enjoy coconut very much and I found it very refreshing. The last thing I want on a light good for you grain free cupcake is a super sweet bad for you icing that gives you a headache or makes you instantly crave ice cold liters of water.

Here was my attempt at terrific creamy and light substitute for frosting.

Coconut Cream Frosting - Sugar Free, Grain Free

1 can of full fat coconut cream (or) Coconut cream scooped from 2 cans of full fat coconut milk
1/3 C raw agave nectar or palm sugar syrup
1 T clear vanilla extract
3/4 C melted lard or coconut oil
1/4-1/2 C coconut flour

In a sauce pan heat coconut cream and agave until a simmer. Reduce heat immediately and stir for 1-3 min just until thick. Add in vanilla, and whisk in vigorously the melted oil slowly until well combined. 
Let cool slightly, place mixture in a Stand mixer bowl and beat on high.
Slowly dust in coconut flour until mixture becomes a thick cream. Use your discretion. Only add enough coconut flour until the cream is the consistency you would like. (Mine was as twice as thick as pancake batter.)
Place bowl in the freezer for 30-40 min. Stir every 10 min. Cream will become heavy whipping cream consistency when ready and top will start to freeze. 

Place on top of your cakes immediately and serve. Only place on top just prior to serving or refrigerate. Cream needs to stay cold at all times.

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  1. Hi! Love your blog!
    When do I add the coconut oil to the frosting?