Monday, February 6, 2012

Vegetable Soup - Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Grain Free, Organic

One of my most FAVORITE things used to be Campbell's vegetable soup. Not the fancy ones the chunky, or the harvest, or the beef or anything other than the condensed vegetable soup.

I was very sad to discover there is ingredients in the soup that I am unable to eat. Not to mention sugar, and colors to name a few. 

Sooo when we decided to boycott sandwiches, not just because of the bread but because of the fact its very hard to watch your carb intake on sandwiches made with bread. 

So I was searching and searching to find some vegetable soup alternatives that were not 4$ a can and were not already prepared and were gluten free, organic, sugar free and didn't have anything unnatural such as colors and flavors added to them.

I stumbled upon these two wonders during my regular shopping spree at my favorite store.

The one on the left is like a bouillon powder for making soups in larger quantities or just to add flavor. The one on the left is the same bouillon powder but mixed with organic dehydrated vegetables. SO ALL THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU.

Now don't get me wrong I love to make soup from scratch but it takes at least an hour to simmer and then I have to cut up all the veggies and cook them down and during the middle of my work day that is not going to happen.
So I cam up with a recipe that takes a miniscule 8 minutes from start to finish for 1 serving. I then creep down the stairs back to my studio and sip on my lunch slowly as I work PERFECT!

Vegetable Soup:

1 cup filtered water brought to a boil
1 heaping T of El Peto Gluten Free Vegetable soup mix
1 heaping T all natural vegetable broth
1 T of dehydrated vegetables unflavored (no msg) 
**vegetables only needed if not using soup mix**
1/4 t organic palm sugar*
1 t of milk/yogurt/cream/coconut milk
1 t of gluten free unsalted tomato sauce (optional)
1 t condensed chicken broth (organic or homemade) or chicken bouillon
 sprinkle of Herbamere and black pepper

In a small saucepan bring 1 C of filtered water to a rolling boil. Add soup mix or Vegetable broth and dehydrated vegetables.
Bring up to a simmer for 2-3 min till vegetables are soft. Sprinkle palm sugar, drizzle in milk, and tomato sauce. Heat through. Taste is needed add chicken broth for flavor and sprinkle with Herbamere and black pepper.

*palm sugar can be substituted with a pinch of stevia, pinch of sucralose or a touch of raw agave nectar*

This soup is perfect for a cold day, a rainy day, a busy day, an I'm feeling sick day, a lazy day or a regular day. Feel free to add any ingredients you deem fit.
Some days I throw in a can of flaked chicken or turkey or left over meatballs or whatever is in the fridge. 

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