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Waffles - Grain Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free

I kind of get tired of eating breakfast on the 17 DD like 5 days in lol. I like eggs, but I don't like them without bread or something under them unless they are created into an omelet. But I don't want to make an omelet every morning either.. 
So eggs get boring quickly when I can't use any of my alternative grain recipes. So I love to venture out into waffles, pancakes, french toast, muffins, loafs.. etc.
However it's pretty hard to make any of those things on a diet when you can't eat any significant carbs or grains.. or is it? 
I have this great recipe book about grain free, low carb eating with no sugar. I use it as a reference as even in that book almond flour and coconut flour are used throughout which would be fine if I wasn't following the 17. 
There is a recipe for pancakes in there and I based this recipe using similar ratios but different ingredients that are compliant with 17. 
Every post I have written lately has been complaint on the 17 DD. I will be listing 17 recipes that are able to be eaten on every cycle and here is number 3.

Delicious, crunchy, moist and golden brown. 
I have made many different waffles using almond flour and coconut flour. I will say though this one is by far the easiest of all of them, and I actually liked it the BEST. NO I am not just saying it so I can talk myself into eating more diet food. I actually like these the best as they are so similar to wheat waffles I completely have forgotten about them. 
Don't get my wrong my coconut flour waffles are d e l i c i o u s. They are more expensive to make due to the fat content that is needed to keep them moist. But they contain beans, (which I don't always have soaked, cooked and ready to go) and are tricky to cook. They take much longer than a regular waffle to cook and I am always having to delicately and patiently lift them out of the iron trying not to make them shatter into too many pieces as they crumble unbelievably. (It turns into how many people does it take to get the waffle out of the iron)
I found that using whey powder in a lot of my recent recipes is really quite useful as it is really sticky when combined with liquid and holds everything together quite well.
I was able to lift up on one corner of the waffle and set in on a plate. 
It was done and cooked through following the regular cooking time on my waffle iron. I am not sure if it will work that way for everybody but mine were firm and good. It was about 2 minutes per side.
The only challenge I had with this recipe is they really, really, really, expand when the batter hits the iron. I can't hesitate enough that they DOUBLE in size and then deflate as they cook. 
I found the easiest way to avoid it pouring out all over my counter was to leave the lid slightly open for 1 minute, then I closed the lid and flipped the iron over. If yours doesn't flip, just lock the lid and continue until done.
I made these using a fiber source that is compliant versus using flax. Psyllium Husk.
Psyllium husk is a first for me. I haven't really used it as I always use flax instead. I must say I enjoyed using the psyllium as it is white or golden and didn't cause unwanted coloring in my waffles. It also had a pretty neutral taste compared to flax so I didn't really notice it in the recipe. If you don't want to use psyllium you could switch it out for golden flax meal or almond meal. However, 2 T of nuts or flax meal is considered one fat serving on the 17 DD and therefore you would have to eliminate all fats for the rest of the day after consuming these.

3. Waffles - Grain Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Starch Free, Flour less

Please let your iron lid open for 1 minute once batter is poured to avoid spilling over.

Grease your iron well and cook on med high.

In a food processor beat until smooth:
3 organic eggs
1/2 C organic cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, Greek yogurt

Add into food processor:
1/2 C psyllium husk** (substitute 1/2 C almond meal or golden flax meal)
2 t Xylitol or stevia, sucralose, plam sugar, or raw agave nectar
1 t real vanilla extract
1 t real lemon juice
1/2 t baking soda
1/2 t sea salt

Beat until smooth. While mixer is running slowly add:
1/2 C sugar free vanilla whey powder

Scrape down sides well and add:
1/2-3/4 C water
Let the batter stand for 3 minutes 

Batter should become thick and frothy. If it's too wet add more whey powder. If it's too dry add more water. You will have to adjust following climate.
Batter will be thicker than traditional batter and this is ok. You will have to scoop the batter into the iron and spread it out versus pouring it in. 
Let your lid stay open for 1 minute while batter puffs up and starts to cook. Close lid and lock. If your batter pours out it was to full.
Divide batter into 3-4 waffles and cook following manufacturers directions.

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